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This page is dedicated to those brave Midvale men and women who risk their reputations each year by marching in the Village of Fairport's 4th of July Parade while performing intricate lawn chair maneuvers. Accompanied by unusual vehicles and floats. (All while wearing embarrassing clothing.)


Here is a short video of us doing the "Cone Head" manuever!

"Cone Head 1mb QuickTime Movie"

Midvale Drive is the oldest subdivision in the Town of Perinton. Perinton is located near Rochester, New York , hometown of Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb.

[The Mayor of Midvale]

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"About Midvale" Scans of the original sales brochure circa 1930's

"King's Store" All the older residents of Midvale (and Fairport) remember King's Ice Cream & Grocery Store. For 50 years it was the closest place to get home made bread, fried cakes & ice cream. It was torn down in 1970 and a Mobil Station stands in it's place .

Midvale's Parties

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Our theme for the 1998 parade was "The Midvale Fire Dept". A 1977 Chevy wagon was converted into the official Midvale Hoser complete with water cannon, siren, lights, Dalmatian flamingo hood ornament and steer horns. It towed a smoking outhouse behind it! The marchers all wore red suspenders and fireman's hats. The new lawn chair move this year was "fan the fire".

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[The Midvale Hoser Side View][The Midvale Hoser Front View][The Outhouse]

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"1987-Aloha" The first march

"1991-Welcome Home!" Tribute to Desert Storm

"1996-Woodstock" Hey it's the van, man

"1997-Heaven's Gate" Year of the Comet?

"2010-Plug BP!" Can Midvale Plug the Leak?

"Midvale Open Golf Tournaments" Playing through!

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